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Inner City Bistro

Branding / Illustration / Print-Design

What we did

  • Food Illustrations
  • Branding
  • Print Design
  • Logo Design
  • Font & Typography Concept


RUWEN’S Inner City Bistro



The Project.

Through branding, logo design, custom food illustrations, and print design, we crafted a visual experience that perfectly complements the restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere. Discover the harmony between culinary delights and captivating design as we invite you to explore the artistry behind RUWENS Inner City Bistro.

#01 The Logo
#02 Wall Poster
#03 Wall Poster
#04 Wall Poster
#05 Wall Poster
#06 Window Poster
#07 Window Menu Poster
#08 Window Menu Poster
#09 Window Menu Poster

Custom Food Illustrations.

As part of our collaboration with RUWENS Inner City Bistro, we had the pleasure of creating custom food illustrations that truly whet the appetite. With a focus on bold colors, intricate details, and a carefully curated color palette, we crafted illustrations that not only reflected the restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere but also made your taste buds tingle with anticipation.

From a mouthwatering Pita with Falafel to a delectable Hot Dog Sandwich, a tantalizing Belgian Waffle, and a comforting Bowl of Soup, each illustration was meticulously rendered to showcase the essence and irresistible appeal of these dishes. The vibrant colors and intricate details were carefully chosen to evoke a sense of culinary delight, immersing you in a visual feast that leaves you craving for more.

#10 Hot Dog Illustration
#11 Pita Falafel Illustration
#12 Soup Illustration
#13 Hot Waffle Illustration
#14 Sandwich Variations with Sandwich-Logos
#15 Sandwich Variations with Sandwich-Logos
#16 The Food and the Logos
#17 Sketches
#18 Sketches
#19 Sketches
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