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Vibiota CBD

Branding / Webdesign / Packaging Design

What we did

  • Logo Design & Branding
  • Web Design
  • Packaging
  • Social Media Design
  • Photography


Vibiota CBD



The Project.

Vibiota CBD, a premier CBD brand, established its presence in 2020 with flagship stores in Vienna and Graz. Vibiota offered an extensive range of CBD products, including oils, flowers, and more, catering to individuals looking for holistic wellness solutions.

The Mission.

Setting themselves apart from other CBD brands, their vision was to be recognized as a health- and lifestyle-centric brand, exuding professionalism at every touchpoint. To bring this vision to life, they sought the right expertise – that’s where PHESH! came in.

As the creative force behind Vibiota CBD, we crafted a brand identity that resonates with their target group. From logo design to branding, packaging, and web design, the mission was clear: to deliver a clean, modern, and irresistibly appealing aesthetic across all aspects of the Vibiota experience.


The Concept.

With great attention to detail, PHESH! conceptualized a logo that captures the essence of Vibiota CBD – its commitment to wellness and quality. The branding and packaging designs PHESH! developed convey professionalism while enticing customers with a sense of sophistication and trust. Through thoughtful web design, PHESH! created an immersive digital environment, allowing visitors to explore Vibiota’s products and connect with the brand.

In addition to crafting a captivating brand identity, PHESH! spearheaded Vibiota CBD’s social media presence, leveraging the power of visually fitting imagery to convey the desired atmosphere. PHESH! curated a collection of compelling visuals that aligned with Vibiota’s brand image and values and designed graphics and engaging content that resonated with the target audience. Through the power of social media, we amplified Vibiota CBD’s message to further elevate its professional image, sparking curiosity and driving organic growth.


The Website.

The Stores.

#07 Vienna / The Mall
#08 Vienna / Millennium City
#09 Vienna / Donauzentrum
#10 Graz / Center West

The Social Media.

The Result.

By collaborating with Vibiota CBD, PHESH! helped establish their presence as a leading CBD brand synonymous with health, lifestyle, and professionalism.

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